Some stories...

Key Indicators has been delivering business changing results for a lot of years. A few of them follow...

  • An aerospace equipment company survived a key executive defection in the face of very difficult economic times. While the product line was sound and the customer list A+, the company's marketing was virtually nonexistent and the declining backlog was beginning to show it. Key Indicators began the engagement as a consultant to the Board of Directors and assumed the CEO role when the president resigned. Key Indicators provided steady leadership during the management transition and the ensuing financial crisis caused by the economic recession. More importantly, and in spite of these difficult times, new management was hired, cash management processes implemented, marketing overhauled and expanded, and a number of strategic initiatives defined and begun. Today, the company has a robust backlog, positive cash flow, and new international prospects all under the new leadership installed during the transition.

  • A public telecommunications equipment company was losing money and out of new investors willing to maintain the status quo. Key Indicators, acting as the CEO, restructured the company to solve the immediate cash flow crisis, while redefining the company's strategic direction. Key to the future success of the business was its NASDAQ listing, which was in danger as a result of the company's financial condition. Key Indicators personally and successfully petitioned the NASDAQ on two different occasions to maintain its compliance and continued listing. The company was sold to a larger strategic partner as part of a telecommunications equipment roll-up strategy.

  • A fast growing VC-funded mobile computing company needed a CEO to transition from a founder-led technology business. While executing on the growth plan, a major customer defaulted on a large receivable forcing the company into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Key Indicators restructured the company to survive while the plan of reorganization was created and approved. New investors were found, and the company successfully emerged from Chapter 11.

  • A software applications development and consulting company wanted new strategic investors to support a major new product initiative. Key Indicators worked with the founders to define the opportunities, and to create and present a new growth plan to potential strategic investors. The plan was accepted, the investment concluded and the product developed and launched. The new product, and associated architecture, now form the basis for a whole new custom software applications business - a logical extension to the company's core products. Key Indicators remains on the Board and as a CEO "Buddy" to the founder.
  • A private equity funded start up telecommunications company needed a CEO to transition the founder, while keeping his valuable insight and services inside the company. Key Indicators assumed the role of CEO, worked with the founder to finish the product development while defining the international markets where the product was targeted. New investors were identified and the company funded for a second round
  • A rural utility company wanted to expand into the telecommunications market. Key Indicators provided a business review that demonstrated the viability of the business concept, and produced a plan that gave the utility a way of entering the telecommunications market without the massive infrastructure capital investment that had been anticipated.
  • A Japanese food producer wanted to expand into the U.S. market. Key Indicators identified probable distribution partners that met the criteria for product skills and geographical presence, and arranged for introductory meetings with the Japanese management team. The result was a successful launch of a new product.
  • A product line management team wanted to leave a large telecommunications company and start a new business. Key Indicators worked with the principals to define the business opportunity and to find investors. Key Indicators negotiated the separation of the employees and extraction of the IP that formed the basis of the new company. As a founding board member, Key Indicators assisted in the growth of the organization, the development of the product, and addition of subsequent rounds of VC investment.

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