Board of Directors / Governance

Fiduciary oversight, strategic perspective, and real world experience are essential characteristics of successful boards.

I provide effective governance derived from experience as a director in public, private and not-for-profit companies. Independent and responsible to stakeholders, with empathy for management, I combine strategic perspective & operating insight with a full understanding of the fiduciary reponsibilities - legally mandated and morally imperative.

  • Well Informed Strategic Vision - what are the keys to past success, what are the external world-wide influences & what direction will ensure future success
  • Engaged Oversight – financial controls and results, management & employee performance, operating objectives & measurement

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation – identification of internal, competitive & environmental / global influences; evaluation of potential impact & consideration of alternatives
  • Committee Roles & Assignments – finance & audit, search, development (non-profit)

Engagements / Appointments

Public Companies

  • SEC reporting
  • Listing organization requirements & relationships
  • Shareholder/Investor relations & annual meetings
  • Sal

A Nasdaq listed telecommunications company fell below minimum listing requirements and needed intervention.

Private Companies

  • Venture capital, private equity funded, & privately held
  • New investments
  • Banking relationships
  • Founder transitions

A start up telecommunications company & a software applications company all required strategic oversight.

A VC-funded computer company was forced into a Chapter 11 reorganization.

Non Profit Companies

  • Donor development programs & outreach
  • Major capital campaigns
  • Committee "hands-on" engagement

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