Interim CEO & Advisory Services for Difficult Situations

New Directions... Transitions... Turn arounds... Workouts...

New strategic thinking and execution requires hands on management from an experienced and motivated executive, with the patience required to execute what can be a multi-year program of change. At Key Indicators, we have provided these kinds of leadership skills as an Interim CEO, or consultant for many companies needing a transition strategy.

New directions for companies facing market or product growth concerns. Every business can use a refreshed growth strategy as part of their turn around or transition. We manage based on the available cash flow, but bring new engery and insight to the strategic possiblities.

  • Product life cycle requiring new product ideas & developmenet
  • Market growth requiring international expansion
  • Company infrastructure needing refreshing to support changing market conditions

Transitions for companies wanting smooth, planful management changes. We have successfully assisted founders, owners and investors in their quest to broaden the management team.

  • Founders wanting to introduce professional management
  • Families without obvious successors
  • Companies for sale wanting transition management
Turn arounds or workouts for businesses or creditors needing assistance verifying value or saving value in distressed businesses. We provide interim management experienced with the combined stresses of time, cash and court deadlines.
  • Planned restructurings
  • Court managed reorganizations
  • Sales of business or assets

Any of these services are available in interim management, consulting to existing management, or as a board member.

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